Beavering along to Banff

An early start today, 5 am – what on earth am I doing up at this unearthly hour! More so, how did Susan manage to stir from her comatose-like sleep!

Day two, and it’s the rail journey from Kamloops to Banff. Our coach serving team are in mischievous mood this morning.

“On our left we are coming up to some award winning cows,” one of the team announces. Passenger faces gape out the window expectantly. What manner of beasts have won such an honour?

“They are outstanding in their own field,” she continues. The penny drops, we have been duped! Groans resound all around  the carriage.

We leave Kamloops and the arid scenery gradually becomes greener, with thick mixed forests hugging the mountain scenery, broken up by fast flowing rivers. The train passes through marshland – beaver country, the evidence all too apparent from the number of dams scattered around.

Finally we reach the Rockies and are now in bear country. By the time we reach Banff we manage to see bears on two separate occasions as well as big horn sheep. Once again the food is excellent – I am really going to have to get on my bike when I get back home!


Author: Paul

Retired and enjoying life.

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