Columbia Icefield


I’m beginning to lose track of time as the days merge into one another. Yesterday(Tuesday) we made our way to the Columbia Icefield which is the largest icefield in the Rocky Mountains. The Icefield feeds 8 major glaciers and is approx 125 square miles in size with ice as deep as 1200 feet in places.

Once we arrive at the Glacier Discovery Centre we take an Icefield Explorer onto the ice. Our driver, Patrick, keeps us all well entertained with his Canadian humour on the outward and inward journeys. The path across the ice is clearly defined, any deviation from the path, is risky as there are enormous crevasses potentially below the ice.

Our overnight stop is in Jasper. Just outside the town, elk and a bear are spotted by the side of the road – another of many photo opportunities!


Another early start this morning – it is 5 am as I update this blog entry, but I feel quite awake … for now! Today we are back on our rail journey leaving Jasper and bound for Quesnel.


Author: Paul

Retired and enjoying life.

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