Vancouver Bound

We are nearly at the end of our journey and our time on the Rocky Mountaineer. Both the journey and the people we have met along the way have been memorable. An experience we will never forget!

On our outward journey from Vancouver we met Bonnie and Dewey, a couple of Americans. They got off the train at Banff but by chance we bumped into them again a few days later. It was like a meeting of long lost friends!

There were so many other people we met along the way. Most of the Australians we met were from Melbourne – maybe everyone in that city is on holiday? We were really disappointed not to have said our goodbyes to Pam (from Melboune) but the following day we met her whilst walking around Vancouver. A special moment!

Hamish, we will remember who was from Singapore but now lives in Thailand with his wife Leena. We will remember him for his infectious laughter and his constant chatter about food.

There were two Davids aboard our train. One an American attorney, the other a white-capped Brummie who constantly had a quip for every situation in between double Bailey’s drinks.

Lively Judy will be remembered for her singing and limbering up in her seat. We later found out she was a singer and inspirational speaker. Her companion, Elizabeth, was a former diplomat.

Janet was from Victoria, BC and had a fine sense of humour. Janet and Pam became “meal” buddies on our hotel stops.

We met Warren and his wife Rosie (two New Zealanders). They were on a long trip and Warren told me he was really keen to spend time with his wife. Warren was up and about most of the time out of his seat taking photographs and sharing his sense of fun with everyone on the train!

Paul (a farmer) and his wife Renee, from East Riding, kept us amused at meal times with their gentle humour and chatter … a lovely couple. There were also two Canadian cousins from Italian descent. A truly international set of passengers and new friends!

On that last journey into Vancouver, I had my final sighting of another bald eagle perched on a branch overlooking a bay, on the lookout for some unsuspecting fish.

A brilliant end to a brilliant trip!

A final shot of the Rocky Mountaineer …



Author: Paul

Retired and enjoying life.

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