Vancouver Finale

We are almost at the end of our stay in Canada. A final weekend with our son Chris, who has flown up from New York to join us in Vancouver.

Chris, lives and works in New York. His visits to the UK are fairly infrequent and so the opportunity to meet up in Vancouver is a great end to our trip. Unfortunately, his wife Katie, is unable to join us because of work commitments.

Aside from eating (which seems to be a major theme on this trip!), we manage to fit in visits to Stanley Park Including the Aquarium), Granville Island (again!) and China town. The China town area is somewhat of a disappointment, the streets seem full of beggars, the homeless and drug addicts! Police presence was scarce to say the least!

The Granville Island trip gives us the chance to sample some of the local beers at the local micro brewery. Very good, as far as I recall!!

Here’s a few photos from the weekend.

A nice finish to the trip. We are now back in the UK and Chris has flown back to New York.

I will post a link to a selection of photos from the trip when I get time to organise and sort through a 1000+ photos!


Author: Paul

Retired and enjoying life.

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