Photo Call!

I finally managed to find some time to sort through the photos I’d taken during the trip. So many … it was hard choosing which ones to put in the album to accompany this blog.

You’ll find a brief description with each photo. Here’s the link

Journey Through The Rockies

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The day started out with an early morning visit to Vancouver Lookout, located at the Harbour Centre in Vancouver. A 40 second elevator ride whisks you 553.16 feet above ground level to a panoramic observation deck. No, I didn’t time the elevator ride or measure the altitude – I cheated and got the info from the attraction leaflet!

From the outside, the Lookout didn’t look as big as I imagined, but the views from the observation deck were out of this world! I took a few photos but have only picked out a small selection, the better ones I’ll load up on a gallery website when I get back home.