Photo Call!

I finally managed to find some time to sort through the photos I’d taken during the trip. So many … it was hard choosing which ones to put in the album to accompany this blog.

You’ll find a brief description with each photo. Here’s the link

Journey Through The Rockies

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All Aboard!



Today was the start of our rail trip!

Our destination was the town of Kamloops. From our hotel we were whisked off to the Rocky Mountain rail station where everyone gathered in the main hall prior to boarding the train. Piano music was playing on arrival and a bagpiper finished off the pre-boarding formalities, along with a welcome address from Rocky Mountain’s CEO.

We were soon boarding and on our way. Sunny weather accompanied us throughout the journey. The change in the scenery backdrop along the way was impressive. We left Vancouver, and travelled through rich deciduous and coniferous vegetation, as we weaved our way through the rocky landscape. We followed Fraser river for much of the way. Gradually the scenery took on a more arid nature. Barren mountainsides had a beauty of their own, coloured with mineral and sulphur deposits. Stunted and sparser tree growth became more frequent as the journey progressed.

There were a lot of good photo opportunities to capture the scenery as well as some of the wildlife. Several bald eagles and osprey were spotted along the way as well big horn sheep. We also passed several freight trains which seemed to go on for miles carrying their goods.

The food and service on the Rocky Mountaineer is first class and we already know that when we return to the UK we will be carrying a lot of excess baggage around our waistlines! I’ll definitely have to do a lot of cycling to redress that.

Tomorrow we travel on to Banff and we have been warned that the scenery will get even more spectacular!

Play it again Sam
Susan and I beside the Rocky Mountaineer
The staff waving us off


Two bald eagles in this – sorry about the quality